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Wedding Night Feast

Fairmont Waterfront

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When my husband proposed to me, he suggested we get married before attending his sister's wedding in Scotland. I agreed - then did the math, realized I'd agreed to get married in 5 weeks time. Planning mode took over, and we ended up having a lovely, intimate ceremony and a reception I'll always remember. As most brides get, I was exhausted by about 10pm and eager to head to our hotel for some much needed sleep (and other things...)

We arrived Brian carried me into the hotel. Our room was a lovely, spacious suite with a panoramic view of the water, and it wasn't too long before I was tucked up in bed and fast asleep. However, both of us found ourselves awake around 2am - perhaps the excitement of the day hadn't worn off - and I realized I was ravenous. We didn't think there would be any room service available, but figured we may as well try. We were pleasantly surprised to hear that food was available, and we ordered a burger each, and a few appetizers, and a dessert, and another entree...we loaded up! It was brought up to our room, and together we laughed and enjoyed our own private wedding night feast.. For me, that was one of the most memorable moments of the whole day - the two of us, laughing and feasting in the middle of the night, just enjoying each other and some amazing food.


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