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Good morning friend!

Fairmont Waterfront

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It was morning and I was ready to head out for my first day in Vancouver for jam-packed day of work-related meetings and networking when I glanced out the window to check the weather. Just as I'm scanning the horizon a seagull lands on the edge of my window - staring at me. I was at least 15 floors up. This little fella obviously had no fear of thin ledges - and humans. I grabbed my camera and took a picture. He didn't budge. He seemed almost curious as to what I was doing, following my every move through the glass. To thank him for his modeling time, I slipped a piece of fruit through the crack of the window, which he happily gulped. Predictably, he showed up again about the same time the next day. I had a high-flying friend for those four days at the Fairmont in Vancouver.


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