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From Easy to Difficult: 5 Must-Do Summer Hikes Around Vancouver

Fairmont Waterfront

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Let Fairmont Waterfront be your gateway to exploration. Vancouver is a metropolis surrounded by towering old growth forests with glittering lakes, rushing rivers and an abundance of hiking trails. Choose from short strolls through the trees to challenging ascents up high alpine summits.

Lighthouse Park (Very Easy, 2+ km roundtrip, 45+ minutes) – Set aside as a park in 1881, this well-kept West Vancouver secret features impressive old-growth Douglas Firs, scenic coastal bluffs, and tranquil coves. A short 2km roundtrip stroll down Beacon Lane is the easiest access to the lighthouse, while longer, rougher trails circumnavigate the park through tall trees and past coastal bluffs. The Valley of the Giants trail showcases the most impressive trees in the park. Access: Bus 250 (40mins), Taxi/car (25mins).

Lynn Loop at Lynn Headwaters Park (Easy-Moderate, 7km roundtrip, 2+hr, minimal elevation gain) – Looping up through towering forests and down past the clear waters of Lynn Creek,  this easy locals favorite is a great way to experience entry-level North Shore hiking. The loop itself is only 5km but a 2km roundtrip approach on the roadway is required from the bus stop/parking area. Access: Seabus/Bus 228 (50mins), Taxi/car (40mins).

Black Mountain and Eagleridge Bluffs (Moderate, 7.7km roundtrip, 3.5+hr, 350m elevation gain) – Ascending alongside the Cypress Ski Area to a viewpoint of beautiful Howe Sound on Black Mountain, then down to sweeping coastal views at Eagleridge Bluffs. Bonus: This trail also takes you past a swimmable mountain lake. Access: Taxi/car (35mins).

Grouse Grind (Difficult, 2.9km one way, 2+hr, 850m elevation gain) – Vancouver’s most popular trail and a veritable right-of-passage for local hikers,  this very steep ascent involves more than 2800 stairs in order to reach the top station of the aerial tram, where downloading  is mandatory. Not for the faint of heart of or those looking for a peaceful wilderness experience, this very strenuous trail can see thousands of hikers ascending it every day. Bonus: Reward your hard work with a mountain top beer and stunning views of the city. Access: Seabus/Bus 236 (40 mins), Taxi/Car (25mins).

Sea to Summit Trail (Difficult, 7.5km one-way, 3.5+hr, 918m elevation gain) – Formerly known as the Upper Shannon Falls trail, this steep ascent takes you past its former namesake and up to a lodge at the top of the Sea to Sky Gondola, where sweeping views plus food and beverage service awaits. Be sure to walk the easy Panorama Trail at the top for even more stunning views. Access: Gondola Shuttle for fast hikers, Taxi/Car (50mins).

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