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Fairmont Waterfront Dessert Run

Fairmont Waterfront

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Home to some of the best cheesecake, fresh doughnuts and homemade ice-cream, Vancouver is the city to be in if you love dessert. With a growing vegan and gluten-free movement in the city, there are various delicious options for you regardless of your food preferences. This fun running tour will bring you to some of Vancouver’s finest dessert spots while taking you through the iconic Gastown, Mount Pleasant and Cambie neighbourhoods.

This guest post was written by Nikkita from RunGoApp. View the full tour details and get voice directions on your phone by clicking here.  

Begin at the ARC restaurant right here at the Fairmont Waterfront. Treat yourself to a delicious brownie skillet, the oh so yummy ricotta cheesecake and a variety of other handcrafted desserts!

A European style café, Trees Organic prides itself in serving fair trade coffee from all over the world and some of the best cheesecake in the city using only natural ingredients. Definitely stop by for a quick coffee and cheesecake before heading on to the next stop. 

Love soft serve ice cream? Then Soft Peaks is the place for you! Soft Peaks is Vancouver’s first organic soft serve ice cream store serving a variety of flavours with a variety of all natural and locally sourced toppings. Definitely a treat before you head back on your run!

Cartems was the product of the founder’s 10 year old dream to start a doughnuterie that cared about 3 simple things: smiles, conversations and doughnuts and that’s what you’ll get the minute you enter Cartems! All doughnuts are made in house with quality natural and locally sourced ingredients with vegan and gluten free options available.

With regularly rotating flavours, it’s always a treat heading to Earnest ice cream! Earnest ice cream was born out of a friendship and a love for ice cream in 2012, regularly serving small batch seasonal flavours with a few staple favourites like salted caramel and mint chip.

Rain or Shine serves deliciously handcrafted homemade ice cream made with locally sourced, natural ingredients. Like Earnest, Rain or Shine has a few staple flavours with a regularly rotating collection of sumptuous seasonal flavours. If you’re in on a Tuesday, be sure to try out the Taco Tuesday special - 2 yummy scoops served on a taco shaped handmade waffle cone! 

After your last stop at Rain or Shine, you can take #50 directly back to the Fairmont Waterfront. Alternatively, if you’d like to explore more of the neighbourhood or buy some unique souvenirs, head to Walrus a block away. If you don’t feel like taking the bus, you can also walk northbound and take the skytrain from Broadway-City Hall station to Waterfront station to head back to your hotel. 

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