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Fairmont Waterfront Cherry Blossom Run

Fairmont Waterfront

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This guest post was written by Nikkita from RunGoApp. View the full tour details and get voice directions on your phone by clicking here.

It is the most beautiful time of year in Vancouver as the sakura start blooming, marking the start of spring! The history behind the significance of Cherry Blossoms in Japanese culture goes back for many centuries, signifying the beauty of life. The area surrounding the Fairmont Waterfront is filled with beautiful pockets of cherry blossom trees. This Cherry Blossoms Run will take you on a scenic city tour along some of Vancouver’s iconic neighbourhoods - Coal Harbour, The West End and Davie Village - as you immerse yourself in all the beautiful cherry blossom trees:

Coal Harbour
Right on the edge of the water, Coal Harbour is easily one of the most panoramic areas in Vancouver and right where the Fairmont Waterfront is located. Passing by the iconic Vancouver Convention Centre, you’ll start off the run up to Burrard Skytrain Station which is completely immersed by a collection of Cherry Blossom trees.

After exploring the cherry blossom canopy by Burrard Skytrain Station, you’ll run along the many unique residential and business buildings that make up the neighbourhood. As you run, stop to take pictures of the many cherry blossom trees you’ll see along your way - at one point as many as seventeen trees!

The West End
One of the oldest neighbourhoods in Vancouver, the West End is definitely rich in history! You’ll notice this immediately as you run past some of the heritage homes that have been conserved by the city. The area is also bustling with some of the best restaurants and surrounded by the most breathtaking beaches in Vancouver. You’ll run through some of the calmer parts of the area, through neighbourhood parks as you immerse yourself in the city’s past. Don’t forget to check out the variety of cherry blossom trees along the way as well - look out for the gorgeous Yae-beni-shidare cherry tree!

Davie Village & Downtown Core
Easily one of the liveliest neighbourhoods in Vancouver, you’ll enjoy finishing off your workout as you run through Davie Village before making your way down the Downtown Core. As colourful as its crosswalks, it’s no surprise you’ll find more variety of cherry blossom trees here. Make sure you spot the Shirotae and Ukon trees as you run!

Once you head back to the hotel, stop by ARC Restaurant for a quick bite and relax before you head back out to explore the rest of the city!

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