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Fairmont Waterfront

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When we checked into the Fairmont Waterfront Vancouver, the desk clerk said, "I won't describe the view from your room; I'll let you experience it for yourself."  As my wife and I stepped through the doorway and entered our room, the impact of the panoramic view from our two walls of windows took our breath away. Never have we enjoyed our time in a hotel room so much!  Every evening before dinner we watched seaplanes take off and land, ferries cross the channel, and sailboats cruise by.  One morning as the sun rose, my wife parted the drapes to peek out the window.  She squealed in delight to see a cruise ship docking right in front of her!  Throwing open the drapes, she contentedly settled into the easy chair to soak in the beauty of that ship docking as the sunrise cast a golden glow over the water.  During our week's stay, we watched several cruise ships dock and depart.  From dawn to late everning, every moment we were in our room, we were glued to the inspirational views from our windows.  My photos now bring us joyous memories of quality time together enjoying our windows on the world of Vancouver.


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