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Beer and Brisket Chili




25 MinutesPrep Time
Total Time:
90 MinutesCooking Time

Other Notes

SOME TIPS TO KEEP IN MIND: 1. You need to render bacon fat - I know there's a tendency to stop cooking bacon once you see the smoke, don’t worry and ensure that the heat is not too much but render the fat on a slow even heat. 2. Choose Brisket Wisely - Check the brisket to see whether it has the right amount of marbling. Marbling is the dispersion of fat within the muscle of the meat. Although you don't want large chunks of fat in your brisket, some marbling is good because it keeps the meat moist as it cooks. 3. Jazz it up! - Try serving the chili in a hollowed out bread bowl, topped with choice of cheese (aged blue adds a different level of umami). Share with friends only if you have to...


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