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An Excellent Concerted Effort

Fairmont Waterfront

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I booked a surprise dinner for my husband and his longtime friends in celebration of our five year wedding anniversary at the ARC Dining @ Fairmont Waterfront. I coordinated with Alex of Fairmont Waterfront that it should not be squealed to my husband at all. Alex did a very good job at it especially in her ideas and preparations to make it a real surprise. On the evening of the dinner, my husband drove into a different direction to locate the hotel. Since I was in a panic, the first hotel that I saw was Fairmont and below it Pacific Rim. I just read the Fairmont and told my husband to go and park underground. We approached a lady at the concierge and directed us where the restaurant was. Of course, my name does not appear on the computer. I told her that I just confirmed the details with Alex three and a half hours ago. The lady seated us and said that she will try to know the story. We were served champagne for the meantime. Coincidentally, there is another Alex at the Fairmont Pacific Rim. Meanwhile, my husband's friends were already waiting at the Arc Dining@Fairmont Waterfront. Obviously, we are at the wrong place!!! What the staff at the Pacific Rim did was to request my husband's friends to walk half a block to meet us. My husband was getting annoyed and confused. When my husband's friends arrived they were seated at a different table and then another staff came over and invited us to see how they prepare and present their food. My husband was suckered in! As she let him turn around there his friends were!!!It was a real surprise!!! Thank you to all the Arc Dining staff and the Oru Dining staff for a job well done!!! I would have preferred the Arc Dining menu because it has less seafood menu. Some of my husband's friends have issues on seafood. Anyways, it worked out really well in the end!!Everyone had a great time. Thank you so much Arc Dining and Oru Dining staff!!We will come back again some other time!!


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