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Saunders Family Herbed Beer Bread


One Loaf


45 Minutes 

Other Notes

Chef de Partie, Sarah Saunders has been crafting delectable treats in the kitchen at Fairmont Vancouver Airport since 2012. She inherited a love of baking along with a beloved family recipe - the Saunders Family Herbed Beer Bread.

Sarah’s grandmother invented it waaaaaaaay back and it was immediately adopted as a family favourite.  Served at every gathering, the recipe has been passed down and Sarah was generous enough to introduce it to us at Fairmont Vancouver Airport. Super simple and super delicious, we continue the tradition of breaking bread with loved ones by sharing the recipe that Sarah shared with us! 

The Bees:  Fairmont Vancouver Airport has 34 bee colonies happily residing each summer at McDonald Beach Park, located just five minutes from the hotel.  One million honeybees live in 34 beehives produce about 2,400 pounds of honey – enough to last us all year.

The Beer:  We use Stanley Park’s Fairmont Honey Lager, which is exclusive to us and works well because of the honey flavour. You can use any honey lager you like – or in a pinch, regular lager will work as well.

The Pollen: Our Saunders Family Herbed Beer Bread is served with butter that is rolled in bee pollen. Bee pollen contains a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals, and contains essential amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins.


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