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Chef Colin's Inspiring Cranberry Creations - Perfect for the Holiday Season

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Executive Chef Colin Burslem loves all things local, so he jumped at the opportunity to spend an afternoon during harvest time with local, fifth generation cranberry farmer, Todd May. Members of the May family have been farming the fertile soil of Richmond, British Columbia since the mid 1800's. They currently supply Ocean Spray with fresh and delicious cranberries each fall.

This holiday season, Chef Colin and his talented culinary team at Fairmont Vancouver Airport will be using the local cranberries from the May's family farm for an array of delicious recipes. As you start to prepare for the holiday season, we want to share with you some of Chef Colin's inspiring cranberry creations that we hope your family will love as much as we do.

Cranberry Orange Scones

Combining two quintessential winter flavours - cranberry and orange - these delicious treats are sure to please the whole family | Recipe here

Smoked Cranberry Honey

A wonderful new addition to many of your favourite holiday recipes, Chef Colin's Smoked Cranberry Honey is perfect for drizzling warm or cold over your favourite dessert, or to be used as a glaze on roast duck or turkey | Recipe here

Cranberry Granola Clusters

A tasty treat that will last long into the new year | Recipe here

Chef's Homemade Dried Cranberries

Save yourself a trip to the supermarket and enjoy Chef Colin's version of dried cranberries | Recipe here

Sourdough Cranberry French Toast

For those who really love the flavour of cranberries, this breakfast is sure to satisfy | Recipe here

Port and Cranberry Relish

A versatile take on classic cranberry sauce, use Chef Colin's Port and Cranberry Relish recipe as a condiment with your roast turkey, as a festive side with your holiday charcuterie board, on your favourite sandwich, or even drizzled on chocolate cake | Recipe here

The Gingersnap

For those who care to indulge in a tipple over the holiday season, The Gingersnap is the perfect festive cocktail to enjoy at home by the fire. If you happen to be staying at Fairmont Vancouver Airport or even just traveling through Vancouver International Airport this holiday season, stop by Jetside Bar, where our talented bartenders are expertly crafting this delicious libation all through November and December | Recipe here


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