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Green Stay Option

Fairmont Hotel Macdonald

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The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald has recently rolled out their "Green Stay" option to all guests, Green Stay Option includes:
*  Decline daily newspaper
*  Paperless check out
*  Towel & Linen exchange every 2nd day
*  In return,  guests will receive a tree planted in their name at Carbon Farmers Ltd in northern Alberta.

What is The Carbon Farmer Inc. all about?

We wanted to do something that would sustain the farm that has been in our family for three generations and that would also contribute positively to the environment, as deforestation, habitat loss and increasing greenhouse gas emissions are challenges facing today's world. The Carbon Farmer Inc. was created to reverse these trends by turning select parcels of the farmland back into the forests that once grew there. These forests store carbon, which helps to offset greenhouse gas emissions, provide much needed habitat in the boreal region, decrease our dependency on pesticides and fertilizers, while recharging the surrounding waterways and the land itself. The purchase of our Carbon Plus Credits also provides our society with a practical, tangible, local and affordable means to make a positive impact on the environment which we all share.


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