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Luxury Living at Chateau Lake Louise

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

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Nestled at 111 Lake Louise Drive in Lake Louise Alberta rests the massive structure, Chateau Lake Louise. For 48 hours I was able to explore what this historical gem and four-diamond hotel had to offer.

Before entering the chateau it was impossible to miss the roundabout that was embellished with black chauffeured vehicles, luxury luggage and, guest wrapped in, oh so trendy, Canadian Goose coats. To my left was Lake Louise and Mt. Fairview, both of which were completely frozen over by the Canadian cold. An ice replica of the hotel topped the frozen lake like it had been there just as long as the hotel had. Reds, golds, royal blue and, creams decorated the lobby, the theme was carried out through the rest of the hotel. A grand staircase past the lobby guided me up to the gym, spa and, a portion of the rooms. My room was situated on the 4th floor looking out to the glacier. The decor in the room did not fall short and continued the familiar color scheme from the downstairs lobby. The queen sized bed had crisp white linens that were tucked in as if it was done with a ruler, pillows were perfectly plush, and my favorite Fairmont magazine was ready to be opened. Nothing was out of place. The hotel it’self offered rooms, suites, and 2-floor apartment style deluxe suites.

Unfortunately, I had checked in pretty late at night so it was almost time to catch some beauty rest.

I strolled back to the ground level to purchase something light to eat. I settled on a hummus, pita and veggie platter with a small side of the dreamiest fruit cheesecake with a beautifully light and mousy texture. I ate my late night snack solo at a bistro table in the cafe. Returning back to my room, I took a refreshingly hot shower in Alberta Glacier water as the hotel's water supply came straight from the glacier and lake. I wrapped one of two Fairmont branded robes hanging on the back of the bathroom door and sat in the armchair angles towards the window.

I woke up to a blanket of white snow covering every visible inch of the view I had last night. A Zamboni evened out the iced lake for an early morning skating session. The front desk had mentioned that the gym and spa area was almost dormant at 7 am, I took advantage of this opportunity. I performed a short workout segment in the hotel’s gym and later soaked in the hot tub in peace. The gym was empty and I was able to run on the treadmill while watching the 8 am news. Fresh apples were stacked in a pyramid and iced water was refilled every 20 minutes or so by the pool staff. The hot tub was calling my name, the staff provided me with slippers, a towel and an additional robe. I recouped in the hot tub while watching the winter snowfall through the large windows that lined the pool area. In complete bliss, I could have stayed there all day but my stomach started growling. I returned back to my room, the bed had already been made. Room service was quick in delivering my over easy eggs, Canadian bacon and toast with a fresh berry smoothie.

It was time to get some writing done. I began my search for the perfect nook. I found my hiding place above the lobby, a cozy lounge area without distractions, a fireplace and brown leather couches filled the room. I was suddenly hungry again, I followed a stone staircase to the basement where I found a pub style restaurant called the "Glacier Saloon". The menu consisted of an array of casual food such as potato skins and fish and chips, also the dishes that I ordered. It was comfort food and comfortable I was. While waiting for my food to arrive I jumped into a casual game of pool with one of the other hotel guests, a young minor from Texas looking to get his foot in the door with a major petrol company. My new found friend and I roamed the hotel exploring the many stores, gift shops, and a gallery. I purchased a small bear figure carved out of stone.

That evening we conversed about wealth, spirituality and the pursuit of happiness at Lakeview Lounge, where tapas and cocktails were served. The flatbread, chicken spring rolls and, two cocktails were all delicious. The lights were dimmed down to create an ambiance, a magical feeling. More cocktails were ordered each one with a different palette and story to tell.

The following morning and last day at the Chateau. I was in much need of some pampering to repair my skin from the harsh Canadian weather. I escaped to the hotel spa and salon for a 24k gold collagen mask treatment before my departure.

With a tip left on the pillow and my checkout processed on the Fairmont app, I was sadly on y way to my next destination. The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise will forever hold a special place in my heart.

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