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A morning paddle on a perfect winters day on Lake Louise.

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

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On Friday the 13th of November I contacted the Fairmont Hotels front desk and spoke with a nice lady and asked if she could help me get some information on the lakes condition. Right away she advised me that the water was open and that there was no ice on it.
So Saturday the 14th of November I left Calgary around 5 am and was on the water at Lake Louise kayaking by 8 am.
The water was like glass and crystal clear with heavy snow flakes falling all around me. It was amazingly quiet except for the odd chatter of Fairmont guests filling the air. The guests that I talked to along the shore were kind and asked questions like why I was out on the water in this weather at this time of year. All I had to do was simply point out to the water and the hotel and instantly myself and complete strangers were in agreement.
I have never stayed at the Fairmont Hotel but have always loved its architecture and history along with a strong admiration for the lake and mountain surroundings it is nestled up to.
Here are some photos I wanted to share with people so they could appreciate the different views of the areas beauty and that it can be enjoyed at any time of year no matter what type of weather.


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