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Kudos to the staff of the housekeeping services especially those in the Gate House

Fairmont Banff Springs

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And one Ms. Rose-Ann Palo. This was the very first time my partner and I had ever set foot in the Fairmont "Castle" let alone stayed there. We were attending a conference there and the staff and amenities were amazing. The morning we checked out was a little rushed as I still had sessions to attend. Upon arriving at our second destination that night I realized I had left behind my makeup/jewelry bag on the back of the bathroom door. I called immediately but to no avail. There was no bag in the room. Keep in mind this was a Friday on a long weekend. Being the eternal optimist, I kept checking in. Lo and behold the one of crew that had cleaned our room had gone on holidays and set my bag aside for safe keeping before leaving. Ms. Palo contacted me on Tuesday afternoon and arranged for delivery of my bag which I received Thursday completely intact and accounted for, including the perfume which she was concerned might cause an issue with shipping. This made my entire year as some of the jewelry, while certainly not irreplaceable, was beyond sentimental as most of it was my mom's, who has passed on. This was the icing on the cake for a working trip that turned into an exquisite get away. As I said to Rose, her staff are to be commended for the outstanding job they do and the fabulous impression their guests leave with. We definitely will be back! Thank you again!

Jennifer Johnson


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