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Tania Sarin's Montreal Moments

Hello Helloooo!

My name is Tania Sarin, and I am a digital influencer that shares things from all walks of life on my platform. The looks, tips, and tricks I share can vary from fashion, to beauty, to food, to (my favorite) travel on my personal website! I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA - where I currently reside. I even went to college in Los Angeles! It is safe to say that Los Angeles is near and dear to my heart and ultimately represents home to me. After I graduated, I followed my love for fashion, and went on to assist some of the biggest stylists in the world. As I kept growing, I began to style individuals on my own. Kept growing (some more), and eventually shifted my platform to styling myself! However, I was not finished there…

With the common factor of growth in my life, I am currently in a huge transition of my website’s focus. My platform has always been extremely fashion forward. However, I started to realize that I want to share more of my life with my followers - shifting it from a fashion blog to a luxe lifestyle blog! That being said, I was absolutely ecstatic when Fairmont Hotels invited me to stay for a weekend. LA will always be my home and with my heart knowing that - it leaves my hunger for travel & immersing myself in different cultures constantly at an all time high.

Before going, I heard so many good things about Montreal - the food, the art, the people! Everything was confirmed immediately upon arrival in the city. When entering Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth, I instantly fell in LOVE.  There was this beautiful marble staircase that caught my eye as I scanned my premises. I knew I had to take some photos there (which do no justice for its beauty). I felt as if I was immersed in all things chic, luxurious, and elegant.

On the first night in town, we attended the Fairmont: Le Reine (The Queen) Elizabeth reopening party. We enjoyed a night full of gluttony - the dessert table was out of this world. It was an extremely extravagant flat lay of all of the sweets you could ever wish for! The next day, we decided to explore the city and saw numerous murals on the street by local artists, went to art galleries, and had lunch at this AMAZING vegan restaurant called LOV. When we got back to the hotel, we enjoyed happy hour at Nacarat. Let me tell you… the Espresso Martini they make is life changing. It is a must try! 

Then we headed to another vegan restaurant called Venice for dinner. They had great poke bowls. I am sure by now you are sensing a pattern of food, but my favorite things to do when traveling are trying new foods, and immersing myself in the art and culture of the city! On the last day, we grabbed dinner at Rosely’s within the hotel. It is super elegant, and has the most beautiful two toned floors that tied in with the gold accents on the bar chairs and along the walls. This intertwined with the deep fall colors of maroon, green, and black left me speechless. Talk about goals! For dinner, I had the duck, and it was SO good!

Ever since I have left, I have been nonstop informing my friends about how magical my stay was at the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel. I am already itching to go back to my days of ordering room service for breakfast, enjoying my coffee in my robe, and then taking on the day full of art and more food! Thank you Fairmont!  



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