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Fairmont Yangcheng Lake, Kunshan

Fairmont Yangcheng Lake, Kunshan

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Kunshan, a temperate, picturesque town situated in the southeastern part of Jiangsu Province, lies in the Yangtze River Delta between metropolitan Shanghai and the renowned historical city of Suzhou. Fairmont Yangcheng Lake is located on the shores of the scenic Yang Cheng Lake in Kunshan, which has long been home to a famous culinary delicacy - the hairy crab. Many renowned cultural and historical figures called Kunshan home, including the famous philosopher Gu Yanwu, the scholar Zhu Bolu and Gui Youguang, the writer.

The city is the birthplace of Kun opera, the oldest form of Chinese opera boasting a 600-year old history, which in 2001 was recognized by UNESCO as a "Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity".  Kunshan has numerous tourist attractions including historical sites, parks and temples as well as variety of scenic water towns.  The area is famous for its rich and varied culinary history, signature delicacies such as duck-soup noodles, Zhoushi soy-sauced duck and of course the famous hairy crab.


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