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Dancing Sleeves Chandelier

Fairmont Beijing

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Dancing Sleeves is a stunning lighting fixture floating above the lobby of the Fairmont Beijing.

This piece of art freely associates a whirling motion, halted at the moment, of a dancer's sleeve that winnows as she dances. It captures the dynamic gesture of a giant dancer suspended on transparent nearly-invisible fibres that leads to the illusion of levitating freely in the space.

The sleeve is weaved by glass leaves and it poses for extravagant spectacular costume that gains in the graceful whirling of dance a form of a spiral. The spiral usually stands for a universal symbol of life, a permanent change and evolution of the entire universe. However, the abstract character of the object makes it possible for the viewer to perceive it as a purely aesthetic feature. It also communicates and gets on well with geometry of the architectural space, as it highlights its airy atmosphere and adds a touch of dynamics. In the right place, it becomes a natural epicentre of a room which is all the more magical as the dancing spiral literally changes with different angles of view right in front of your eyes.

Dance is motion, sheer joy, harmony, passion, and mainly the mind blowing spectacle – as well as the Dancing Sleeves.

Costing 1 million.


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