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10 Reasons to Choose Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club for Your Dream Vacation

10.  Every day begins with adventure
Bush breakfast anyone?  A Fairmont staff member will guide you by horseback or land cruiser and your private dining location along the edge of the savannah. The early morning affair will include a meal created by the master culinary team, but the highlight will be watching the area around you come alive. You’re going to love it, so be sure to ask about the bush dinner affair too.

9.  Meet the Big Five
In these parts, lions, leopards, rhinos, cape buffalo, and elephants are kings of the jungle. It’s very rare to have the opportunity to see all five of them in the wild at once; most visitors to Africa will travel to multiple areas just to see them.  However, the safari tour guides around Mount Kenya know the area like the back of their hands and will safely get all guests as close to the animals as possible. 

8.  Be lulled to sleep by the sounds of the savannah
If the signature suites are the highlight of the Mount Kenya Safari Club, the cottages are the stars. The William Holden Cottages are named after the founder of the original estate and maintain all the glamour befitting a 20th century movie star. By day, keep the doors to your private garden open. At night, crack the windows just a tad so the nearby animals can serenade you.

7.  Get connected with the big adventures
Biking and hiking are just the tip of the iceberg. Simply ask a member of the Fairmont team for a list of activities you can choose from.  From there, all you have to do is pick the one you’re interested in and Fairmont will do the rest.

6.  Recharge your batteries at the spa
This Fairmont experience will keep you busy day and night with plenty of outdoor activities. Meanwhile, the spa treatments will keep you rejuvenated — and fully prepared — for the next big adventure.

5.  Choose from multiple safari tours
Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club is within easy reach of three national parks and two game reserves. Thanks to the nearby location of Mount Kenya and its valley, each of the parks boasts different animals and experiences that will offer memories to last a lifetime. 

4.  Dine in luxury
Every meal is an extravagant affair at the Fairmont.  Infused with local flavors, the on-site restaurants and private dining experiences are nothing short of spectacular. In fact, the only thing that could rival the meal is the view outside.

3.  Get up close to the animals
The location has a long-standing tradition of helping to protect local wildlife.  At the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy, guests can meet the miracle workers who offer a second chance home to abused or orphaned animals. Whenever possible, the animals you see will eventually be relocated to a safe place in the wild, where they belong.

2.  Relax in style
The main building’s guest rooms have been beautifully refurnished since the hotel first opened its door. Now, guests can recline in African-inspired luxury with a host of modern amenities at their disposal.     

1.  Be treated like a star
The Safari Club’s beginnings are far from humble. Movie star William Holden created the space with the desire to entertain Hollywood’s elite. Today, the Fairmont tradition of excellence and Holden’s commitment to outstanding luxury are blended together so that every guest arrives — and leaves — feeling like a true A-lister. 


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