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10 Reasons Every Traveler Should Visit NYC

They say if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. One of the fastest paced, frantic places on the planet, the five boroughs of the Big Apple are undoubtedly the heart and soul of it all. And the lifeline? Manhattan. A hub of commerce, culture, and finance, a trip to New York is almost a rite of passage as a traveler. From maneuvering the subway system to learning how to hail a cab, surviving New York requires a good measure of grit and hardiness. It’s as much a test as it is a trial, but should you succeed in the city of swag and style, you’ll have earned your stripes as a tried and true urbanite. Embrace the chaos and get ready for a wild weekend as we share how to plan the dream getaway to New York. 

The Plaza Hotel

Splurge on a Stay at The Plaza
The Plaza is synonymous with haute living. A landmark of the city for centuries, it’s so iconic it was actually the setting for both the Bride Wars and the Great Gatsby. Catering to a guest’s every whim, private butlers are ready and waiting, while a car service with top of the line Tesla Xs await to chauffeur you anywhere your heart desires. In short, it’ll be a weekend to remember.

The Fitzgerald Suite 

Find Zen in Central Park
While New York is certainly known for its urban sprawl, the most visited city park in the United States provides some green reprieve from the hustle and bustle. A designated National Historic Landmark, Central Park is simply a must-see. You can peruse the sculpture gardens, ride the carousel, wave to the animals at the zoo, dine at the celebrated Tavern on the Green, or simply savor a moment of solitude with a walk along one of its many pathways. 

Central Park

Get Fabulous on Fifth Avenue
Fifth Avenue is a major thoroughfare that runs from West 143rd Street in Harlem through the heart of Midtown to Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village. Known as one of the best (and priciest) shopping streets in the world, its designer couture paradise is home to many celebrated fashion labels’ flagship stores (think: Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Gucci, Chanel). Don't forget, even if you can't afford to dress like the latest look book, a little window-shopping never hurt anybody.

Take in the Skyline
We could send you on a 16-stop architecture tour of the city or we could save your feet some soreness and help you score a bird’s eye view of the whole massive picture instead. You don’t have to splurge on a trip to the observation deck of the One World Observatory, Rockefeller Center or the Empire State Building for that though. For the same view, spend that money on a cocktail on the 65th floor of 30 Rockefeller Plaza. We’ll just call that a pro tip.

Live Out a Childhood Fantasy
A palace of pink and white stripes, the Eloise Suite at the Plaza is every little girl’s dream. Designed by Betsey Johnson, Eloise is the quirky girl who lives in the "room on the tippy-top floor" with her dog and turtle in the illustrated children’s novels by Kay Thompson. While you won’t find any fuzzy friends to keep you company up there, there are plenty of creature comforts like books, dolls, and toys to pass the time. In fact, it’s like a real-life dollhouse. 

The Eloise Suite

Laugh or Cry on Broadway
You haven’t experienced life as a New Yorker until you’ve seen at least one show on Broadway. Each of the 41 theaters within the iconic theater district hosts a different production. Get your toes tapping with a sing-along musical? A dramatic rendition? Maybe a high-flying Cirque De Soleil act or comedy show? Entertainment’s the name of the game and the theater district promises to have you chuckling or tearing up with each unique performance. If you do plan to see a performance, make sure to take advantage of your hotel concierge for hard-to-get tickets (looking at you Hamilton).

Eat Your Heart Out
If there was ever a city touted for its cuisine, it’d be New York. Sure, there’s the required deli stops (pastrami sandwich, anyone?) and razor-thin pizza slices, but NYC is where the big dogs go to prove their culinary chops. With more Michelin-starred eateries than you could dine at in a month (seriously, there are over 70), fine dining and celebrity chefs are simply a way of life. Loosen up the belt buckle and throw the diet aside because you’ll be eating well — and often — in the Big Apple. 

Dining at The Plaza Hotel

See the Statue of Liberty
It’s hard not to feel your heart swell with pride for the land of the free and the home of the brave as the symbol of America comes into view. Unsurprisingly, a ride on the Ellis Island ferry is one of the signature New York experiences. Once there, you can climb the 377 steps of the spiral staircase up to the crown and look out over the city in the distance. It’s a humbling reminder of how far the country has come.

Never Forget
Once you’re overcome with patriotic pride, take a moment to reflect on the most tragic attack on American soil at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. The Ground Zero Tribute Center is a chilling collection of artifacts from that horrific day, yet, above all else, it is tinged with hope. It’s a tribute to the brave New Yorkers who put their lives on the line that fateful day and will teach you more about the resilience of these hardy locals and the American spirit.

Get Cultured at MoMA
One of the most compelling reasons to visit NYC is for the culture. From the Smithsonian to the Met, New York is a melting pot of art and history that ensures a five-star education outside the classroom. One of the must-sees is the Museum of Modern Art, or MoMA. Called one of the most interesting and influential museums in the world, you could spend hours diligently perusing the massive collection of architecture, photography, prints, sculptures, and digital media.



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