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Our Son's Dreams Came True at the Fairmont Orchid

For the past two years our family has stayed at the Fairmont Orchid on the Big Island, Hawaii for the Ironman Hawaii 70.3 race. Our first stay on the property was in 2012, we had an excellent experience and the decision to return in 2013 was an easy one. We have two young sons ages 5 and 2 and Hawaii is our favorite holiday destination. My 5 yr old sons favorite Hawaiian cultural experience is the torch lighting that takes places every night before sunset. Every night during our stay we make sure we are there for the blowing of the conch shell and the torch lighting ceremony, our son follows the torch lighters around the Fairmont grounds until all the torches are lit. They are always very interactive and make him feel welcome.

Our son is very social and loved to hang out everyday at the beach shack with the beach boys and girls. On one of our last few nights, I recognized the lady working in the beach shack was also the torch lighter from the past few nights. I asked her if there was anyway our son could dress up as a real authentic torch lighter as it would absolutely be the highlight of his vacation. She told us to meet her prior to the torch lighting ceremony and arrived with a traditional Hawaiian torch lighting outfit for him to wear, we were blown away. She helped dress him in the lava lava, made custom arm bands out of palm leaves, brought a conch shell for him and turned him into and official torch lighter. My son was on top of the world!

During our last few nights at the Fairmont Orchid, our son got to run around with the official torch lighter in this authentic outfit and it was the highlight of his vacation. We will never forget this incredible aloha spirit. We have so many photos from this torch lighting experience that we wish we could upload the whole album.

For the record, we have stayed at several Fairmont properties and had nothing but great experiences. However, this visit to the Orchid will always be remembered and we have shared the story with all of our friends.

Thank you for an amazing experience.

Can't wait to get back for another vacation.


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