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Morning Game Drive: Nature's Glory

My husband and I spent eight magnificent days at the Fairmont Mara Safari Club in July 2013. We enjoyed morning and evening game drives six our eight days their and LOVED every moment in the jeep with our incredible safari guide, Henry. One morning we left around 6am and headed out, just me, my husband and our guide. After about 30 minutes in the jeep, Henry stumbled upon a pride of lions feasting on a Wildabeest from their early morning kill. Once we parked, several other jeeps joined us. There were three adult females and 4 cubs enjoying their meal while we watched for almost an hour. As the sun got brighter and the weather got warmer, the pride started to prep their kill to be dragged into a nearby bush. Before leaving, one of the female adults and cubs took refuge from the sun in the shade of a nearby jeep. It's incredible to see the animals in their natural environment. Everyone at the resort was incredibly kind and welcoming; we felt like family! This was a trip of a lifetime and we hope to return soon!


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