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"Loo wth a view"

While were visiting Chicago and lodging at The Chicago Fairmont Hotel this past summer, the John Hancock Center was included in our planned walking tour.

On the advice of friends who have visited Chicago and stayed at the Fairmont it was 'suggested' that I visit the lady's room in the Signature Room high atop Chicago on the 95th floor in the Hancock Building.

Firstly it must be understood that I hate heights. BUT I was not about to pass up the opportunity to venture into the washroom. Clinging to the cubicle doorway I managed to white knuckle it and snap this picture of the skyline as best as I could considering I was going NOWHERE near the washroom window.

Let's just say that the washroom in our hotel suite was very elegant, spacious, with all the amenities and only 30 floors up! Thankfully there was no outside window!


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