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Hiking Amongst Ancient Cedars as Chateau Whistler

On the August long weekend, my birthday, my family escaped to Whistler, BC for an exhilarating break of hiking, hiking, hiking in the coastal mountains and then swimming, swimming, swimming and relaxing at the Chateau Whistler Fairmont Hotel. It was a dream escape, we played hard! I fell into bed each night, nearly in an exhausted coma–we averaged 8km mountain hikes each day with our daughters. We like to be the first ones on the hike in the morning (best chance to enjoy quiet forest solitude and spot wildlife). By the time we finish a hike, the rest of the hiking-world is just beginning it.
The scenery was beyond spectacular: lush, towering cedar forests, turquoise blue rivers and lakes; massive, whitewater rapids on those turquoise rivers that crashed over colossal waterfalls. The forest scents–a dream perfume that fills the mind with peace.
One of my very favourite spots on earth is the coastal mountain range of British Columbia.
I hope you enjoy the picture from the first of our hikes in the Coastal Mountain range, about ten km north of Whistler, through an ancient, ethereal cedar forest.


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